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What is visible in the heavens is no more than a fragmentary manifestation of cosmic space, which in reality is ever filled with substance...

The true form of movement of the earth in the year's course will be the lemniscate... If I managed to draw this lemniscatory system in a precise form... the coming ice age [on the basis of 2,160 years, during the Scorpio age of the sixth great epoch] would require me to modify the system not a little...

2,160 years is the time that the sun takes to pass through each of the 12 constellations of the classic Zodiac, which would make the age of at least our post-Atlantean great epoch 7 x 2,160 or approximately 15,120 years in length.

Similar time passage to our day, while slower, may have begun after the middle point of the Lemurian epoch.

Thus, in the end, spiritual science and physical science (scientific materialism) will prove one another out.

It is essential to understand that there is no time or space in the higher spiritual worlds and that spiritual beings are working simultaneously in past, present and future, in the eternal now.

These sections include some original contributions and ideas which, however, always remain within the flow of the thoughts and discoveries given by Rudolf Steiner throughout many different lectures and books.

Thus the narratives are based on the foundations set down for Spiritual Science.

Mathematics can regulate my approach to reality; it does not constitute reality. The whole earth matter was, so to say, a living but still unformed substance, and spiritual science must imagine, aside from this unshaped substance, that which we call the formative principle, the transcendent formative principle as something purely spiritual at the starting point of earth evolution...

This was the greatest physical transformation of all, the most drastic action of the macrocosm upon the physical earth." - . On earth life becomes slower and slower to the point at which self-consciousness develops. Today man has already passed the time of the greatest slowness of his development." - .

"The paths of the heavenly bodies must be traced ever anew, varying all the time.

Regarding modern chronological time measurement, the living, dynamic nature of the spiritual planets and universe along with the deep differences between the physical world and spiritual perceptions and manifestations, are all factors that resist rigid formulae and exact measurements in time and space. It can only give an approximation of reality as it limits itself to, and even hypothetically extends beyond, the mechanics of visible, empirical, testable phenomena (see quotation below).

Ultimately there can be no conflicts and serious discrepancies between the findings of physical and spiritual sciences because the physical contains and reflects the spiritual, that is, behind and within every physical phenomenon is the sustaining spiritual world.

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