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18) What was the title of the audio play released on record in 1976 starring Tom Baker’s Doctor?

19) Which companion would occasionally utter the war cry “Creag an tuire”? 21) Which member of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop realised the original version of the theme tune using oscillators and sine wave generators?

28) Professors Yana and Thascalos were aliases used by which villain?

29) Which comedy duo played Perivale shopkeepers in the 1989 story Survival?

As we approach a vote on the UK's membership of the European Union, we look at what 50 writers, actors, historians, artists and comedians have said about Europe and its nations.

Family Guy is an American animated comedy series created by Seth Mac Farlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company.

26) Played by Nabil Shaban, what was the name of the scheming Mentor encountered by the Sixth Doctor in two stories?

27) In The Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel, who was the owner of Cybus Industries and creator of the Cybermen on a parallel Earth?

35) In which episode did the good ship Fancy, captained by Henry Avery, appear?Lois is also very flirtatious and has slept with numerous people on the show.Megan "Meg" Griffin (voiced by Lacey Chabert in season 1, Mila Kunis since season 2) is the Griffins' 18-year-old daughter and oldest child.As we approach the penultimate episode of the Doctor Who series, we give you the opportunity to test your knowledge with this expansive quiz written by a former Mastermind champion who chose the sci-fi series as his specialist subject. 5) In which story did Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart utter the immortal line “Jenkins! 13) In which city did the Seventh Doctor die on the operating table and the Eighth Doctor have his one and only on-screen adventure? 12) Which musical instrument was played by the Second Doctor?

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30) Which future Blue Peter presenter played space pilot Steven Taylor, companion to the First Doctor in 10 stories?

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