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Andrew Sullivan: Why the Reactionary Right Must Be Taken Seriously The Whole World Is Now a Message Board The Man Who Invented Identity Politics for the New Right What Are the Roots of the New Reactionary Rage?

Cuckolding’s Wild Journey From Porn to the West Wing The Philosophical Fascists of the Gay Alt-Right Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow Talks With Gabriel Sherman About Covering His Old Boss The Techno-Libertarians Praying for Dystopia This didn’t happen out of nowhere; the new reactionary spiderweb is just as much of a referendum on our world as the Obama coalition was.

How do memes like milk become weaponized, and just when did 4chan get political?

In some ways, it’s easy to define the movement by what it doesn’t care about.

Here in America, in trying to describe our brand of the reactionary wave currently tsunami-ing the entire developed world, we’ve leaned on the term which had been coined by white supremacists.

Richard Spencer, the most press-hungry of that group, takes credit for it.

In January, the actor Shia La Beouf mounted an art installation designed to protest the president.

The next month, neo-Nazis who organized on the message board 4chan crashed the show, where they started chugging from milk jugs — because northern Europeans digest milk well, or because milk is … In other words, an innocent dairy beverage as old as time had been conscripted as a Donald Trump surrogate on the internet.

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All share with Spencer’s white-ethno-nativism the ideals of isolationism, protectionism, and nationalism: a closed nation-state. Reactionary energy helped deliver all three branches of government to a Republican Party in the grips of an alt-right-curious anti-PC bomb-thrower the faithful called their “god-emperor” (or at least helped him along with last year’s affirmative action for white people, a.k.a. But at no point during the campaign, even, could you have mistaken the unruly energy on the right for anything so organized as a party or as purposeful as a protest movement. One formed in the spirit of opposition to everything the existing Establishment stood for: globalist, technocratic liberal elitism.