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It's also good practice for Fan Fic writers to undertake this, especially in a new fandom, or one they're going back to.It's often called "Canon Review" in these circumstances.The rating system remains the same; we rate on a five symbol scale.The first two symbols are for art, the second two for story, and the last is based on whether we think this is a gateway comic – is this something we would lend to friends to get them into this series?I couldn’t find a Sinfest RSS feed with images inline in each post, so I made one: Sinfest RSS feed with images. ) feed, simply duplicating the image links into inline images. Enhancing feeds by wrapping them is really easy if you know your way around regular expressions. Caching the feed is a courtesy to the source provider, and doesn’t add a lot of code.

See Web Comics Long-Runners for a list of especially binge-worthy comics.

Anything sent to us will get reviewed – we promise! We also promise honesty in our reviews, which are entirely subjective, but if we like your book we’ll let you and our audience know. Starting as a commentary on casual and acceptable corruption in mainstream society, the characters were little more than caricatures at first, used to lampoon the accepted levels of hypocrisy that we all rely on to get through our everyday lives.

We tend to look at thematic elements when it comes to quality storytelling, and we talk about the context of those stories on our site. The interesting point about Sinfest is that it looked at this hypocrisy without judgment, accepting it as a part of societal norms.

This last one is a tricky thing, but if we think it is, then the comic gets this symbol: Symbols can be broken down into quarters and look like this from quarter to whole: , , , and .

Two symbols is a good comic, three symbols is worth taking the time to hunt down and look at. From such humble beginnings comes out of the greatest webcomics of all time.

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There’s more characterization of women in this one strip than Sinfest has had in the last two or three years combined. I’ve read and commented on Sinfest for years, and I can’t remember another instance of two female characters having even this level of disagreement with each other like Becky and Katie do here (also, given how infamously terrible Sinfest is at naming characters, Becky got name-dropped right away, and Lilith and Katie even got their names re-iterated in case you forgot! And not only does this gag-a-day comic actually have a gag, it’s one that both deepens Kate as a character by revealing her srs personality is a bit of an act, while providing some plot detail in that Katie apparently doesn’t have a problem with Lucifer at this point in the timeline.