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Cool headlines for dating profiles

But you can’t see much of their personalities on the app, either, so that left us with nothing to go on. Others were aggressively sexual, with close-ups of her butt in lacy lingerie and his abs above boxers, or a headless shot of their almost-naked bodies intertwined on a bed.Some women put unicorn emoji in their profiles, indicating they were interested in something a little more long-term. I swiped right on some of the cute couples, and on a lot of women.But first I always took the time to read their profiles to see if they were looking for fmf. After playing this game for a few days, we only matched with couples. I ran out of “beautiful humans,” as Thrinder calls them, to swipe.

Which is to say that I’ve dabbled, but I saw no reason to get into it myself.

There are just far too many couples trying to have a threesome, and not enough willing or curious ladies. As soon as I created an account that clearly stated I was in an open relationship with Ryan and looking for a female for a respectful and fun encounter, I was bombarded within four minutes with 10 messages — from men.

Ryan noticed a deluge of men visiting his profile, perhaps curious about what we had going.

I was aiming for a classy vibe that said, “We’re attractive, fun, but fairly normal people who love each other!

” Thrinder makes you keep it short, but I spent a long time with our Ok Cupid profile, writing about how we’re still friends with all the women we’ve been with, that we ascribe to affirmative consent, that she should contact us if she believes that threesomes can be respectful and healthy, and that we have a cozy one-bedroom with a cat.

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It’s a delicate situation, finding someone who you both like, and who likes both of you.