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Whichever star was chosen, the panelist would then ask a question or questions under his/her own category in which correct answers scored points according to how many of any celebrity appeared.

One of each celebrity made each question worth one point; two of one celebrity, and one of another made the value of each question be two points; and finally, three of a single celebrity made each question worth three points.

The rules were similar to the rules below with the following exceptions: In the event of a tie, the lowest scorer was eliminated and play continued until one was ahead after each round.

The bonus round was similar to that of the Ludden pilots but had more elaborate prizes.

There were also jokers on the wheels, and like the show says, "The Joker's Wild"; the contestant in control could make the joker(s) into any category/celebrity they liked whether it was on the board or not.

This was a different version of The Joker's Wild; for it was played with celebrities and recently married couples, and was supposedly a 1 1/2 hour show, but instead it became an hour long show.

A "tryout series" aired locally on Los Angeles' KTLA for about three months and was hosted by Jack Barry.

When the wheels stopped, that player was given a choice of up to three categories.

Host Barry asked a question under that category and a correct answer won money for that player; but an incorrect answer gave the opponent a chance to steal the money by answering the same question.

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Finally, if at any time three jokers appeared (that's Joker, Joker, JOKER!

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