Triathlon dating

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Triathlon dating

"They tell me I'm very inspirational," which she said makes her smile.Getting back onto a bicycle didn't happen until June, a challenge that was more physical than mental.Where Palagi will go next depends on how much she can improve her endurance and times, she said.As soon as you travel over 15kph (roughly 10 mph) the biggest force you have to overcome as a cyclist is drag and the faster you go, the greater the drag.Connections she made at Dare2Tri led her to prosthetists at the University of Illinois who specialize in athletes.

A month later, she was given a "hand-me-down" running blade, a device she tested until her own prosthetics arrived in mid-summer.Barely out of rehabilitation in January and still on crutches, Palagi returned to work at the Easterseals Academy in Chicago, where she was placed on desk duty in the school office.It would be July before she would return to teaching in a classroom.Her muscles atrophied from lying in a hospital bed, so Palagi started swimming and doing Cross Fit circuit training two to three days a week to build up her weakened core.Palagi, who lives in Chicago, knew if she wanted to walk without crutches and return to her passion for bicycling she'd need the right prosthetics to mesh with an active lifestyle.

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Being an event where rider and machine alone are pitted against the clock, cyclists have always looked to maximise aerodynamics in order to go as fast as possible.