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However, the invariant culture must be used only by processes that require culture-independent results, such as system services; otherwise, it produces results that might be linguistically incorrect or culturally inappropriate.

A neutral culture is a culture that is associated with a language but not with a country/region.

This class implements the ICloneable interface to enable duplication of Culture Info objects. Globalization Public Class Samples Culture Info Public Shared Sub Main() ' Creates and initializes the Culture Info which uses the international sort. The Parent property returns the neutral culture associated with a specific culture. If the resources for the specific culture are not available in the system, the resources for the neutral culture are used; if the resources for the neutral culture are not available, the resources embedded in the main assembly are used. ' 'PROPERTY INTERNATIONAL TRADITIONAL 'Compare Info Compare Info - 3082 Compare Info - 1034 'Display Name Spanish (Spain) Spanish (Spain) 'English Name Spanish (Spain) Spanish (Spain) 'Is Neutral Culture False False 'Is Read Only False False 'LCID 3082 1034 'Name es-ES es-ES 'Native Name espaol (Espaa) espaol (Espaa) 'Parent es es 'Text Info Text Info - 3082 Text Info - 1034 'Three Letter ISOLanguage Name spa spa 'Three Letter Windows Language Name ESN ESN 'Two Letter ISOLanguage Name es es ' 'Comparing "llegar" and "lugar" ' With my CIintl. Compare("llegar", "lugar")) End Sub 'Main End Class 'Samples Culture Info 'This code produces the following output.

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