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Dating wagner cast iron skillet

Here’s two nice pieces of regular ‘ol supermarket steak.

They’re about 1.25 inches thick, so I’ll let them salt for about 1.25 hours.

Oh, and if the drawings look like a 3rd grader did it, too bad…. Just search for “Improving Cheap Roast Beef”) They salt a 4lb roast beef (big, fat, thick meat) and they are using 4 tsp kosher salt – therefore their steak recipe recommends salting for 18-24 hrs.

YOU try drawing with a laptop touch-pad and a glass of bourbon on the rocks. It’s all related: thickness of meat : amount of salt : time.

Use the photos at beginning of the post as guide on how much salt.

For every inch thickness of steak, let sit at room temperature for 1 hour.

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If you don't have that much time -- well then, add more salt, cut back the time it sits.

It's all related: Thickness of meat : Amount of Salt : Time And vice-versa, if you need to stretch your time, use less salt.

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After 30 minutes, you’ll see more water: After almost an hour: And now 1.25 hours – see all that water?

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