Adult be wetting chat room brittany murphy dating

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Adult be wetting chat room

” I was shocked again, I said, ” But Purjeet, he does not even have a condom. At least see if you can get a condom from somewhere near the theater and make him wear that.

The man finally hooked his thumb on the elastic of my panty and pulled it down. You cant allow him to ejaculate his seed into my vagina. ” My husband fiirmly said, ” Forget the condom Sharmila. Within a few seconds, one man came and sat next to me. Purjeet came later and sat on the empty seat on my other side. He asked me, ” What is the problem Sharmila, where are you going ? One of the four men said, ” Hey, don’t wear her cunt out. When the third man stepped up for his turn, he grabbed my arms, turning me, bending me over the counter. The third man said, ” Lady, I am going to fuck your arse, but come in your cunt ” With one hand tangled in my hair, the other cupping the roundness of my buttocks and spreading me open, the third man slowly slid his erect penis into my anus. I was biting my lips to keep from shouting with pain in the theater. He gurgled with pleasure and told my husband, ” Wow man ! With one last shudder and a satisfied moan, he pulled out and grinned at me. I looked at my husband and said, ” No Purjeet, dont let this new man do this to me. If you dont do that, we will hurt your wife badly first and then mess you up ” My husband helplessly backed away, leaving me all alone at their mercy. My eyes widened in fear when his cock bounced into view. The second man pressed the head of his penis on my pussy, wetting it. I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut, to keep from crying out. He thrust again, slamming hard, hitting my cervix with each plunge. He slammed his large organ into my semen filled vagina repeatedly and thrust deeply one last time, filling me with his own hot, thick semen. I have changed the names in order to protect identity. I got a 5.7inch cute cock with lil public hair as my girlfriends wish. This is the first time Im writing about this incident and posting it online.

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On the fourth evening, as usual, Purjeet was already half drunk – when we decided to walk around the city for sight seeing. ‘ With a mischievous grin and a wink, he replied, ” Why not ? Let’s just check it out ” We have seen adult movies at some friend’s place earlier. By the time the last man ejaculated into me, my vagina was oozing out their sperms like a tap. My womb had become like a receptacle, for these men to empty their semen into.