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midweek and I had been partying alone and getting all horned up.

I went on the phone lines and into the chat rooms, but nothing was happening so I decided I would head out to one of the bath houses in L. and see what nasty adventures I could get myself into.

Halfway back, I whipped off my towel and slung it over my shoulder, enjoying my naked hard cock bouncing openly in front of me.

Returning to the video area, I found the large room once again empty and so climbed to the upper right corner, spread out my towel, and sat down naked and exposed as I lubed my erection and got lost in the videos.

I have found that getting naked in the video room always earns me attention and since the video room served as the crossroads for the spa, I figured could then see who showed up.Wrapping the towel around my waist (with a very obvious tent) I left my room and began wandering.I walked all the halls past all the rooms, walked through the big porn video room, and into the steam room, sauna, bathrooms, and out on the patio, and quickly discovered that there was hardly anyone there and the guys that were there were all older, hairy, overweight troll types.I climbed up to the top of the black vinyl bleachers and loosened my towel as I absorbed the action on the 4 giant screens.I was quickly throbbing hard and stroking to the on screen sex, though every so often the Latino papi would come through, forcing me to cover up and wait so he would not mistake my self pleasure as an invitation.

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Also, the rough nature of the first experience coupled with my buddys large cock ignited the desire for big rough cocks invading my ass.