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In terms of your request Scarlett63, knowing my luck I could probably find you a partner, but I am still trying to find one myself.

Attempts were made to get a partner, but usually something ruined a perfectly good dancing relationship before it got started (most of the time either they or myself would be interested in the other in more than a dance partner way (usually them actually, which I am/was quite flattered by) and jealousy of significant others would end up playing a factor as well, and I specifically want a dance partenr separate from a girlfriend).

I found it odd, cause she was the real "tom-boy" type, but looked beautiful in the long gowns, etc.

In addition to those dance I also learned what I am going to call "Sudbury Jive" which seems to be a modification or variation of west coast swing, also I self taught myself how to dance the steps from the movie Dirty Dancing (minus the lifts), because we were doing a modified version of the last scene from that movie for part of a play, as I had at one point taught myself the steps from Grease and Footloose, but I have not tried those in a long time, I would have to watch things over and over again, again.

Look for ballroom dance clubs associated with universities and colleges or classes at rec centres.

It is for that reason that I won't watch until they get near the finals and there are some really good dancers where the judges aren't as critical.

Don't you think the dancing would be more enjoyable with a partner that you're intimately involved with?

But ballroom is one of those things that is easy to begin and hard to truly master.

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