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Even though this page causes me loss of business, I am willing to take the loss because its about time these people and scams were exposed. Chances are if they tell you their names is something very strange for a name, its a fake one.These spell casters use fake names, prepaid phones, 800 or 866 number, P. They go through and change their website every three months or so to ensure that they don't get caught.They already got your money and they hope you will not ever contact them again.The only chance you have of getting contact with them is to tell them you want another spell, then see how quickly they respond.I have been going through each of the sites on the internet and I have compiled each of these types of scams below and I have described it and how its done. Read each one of these carefully and make sure you are not falling prey to this type of scam. You can only work with the reputation that you have built up with them in order to get things done in your favor.This is one of the most common types of scams because it makes you believe that you will get success no matter what, when the reality is very much different. I have had SO many clients come to me asking for a spell after having another cast that was guaranteed and that NEVER got their money back.

Now you know who the real person is so if there is any question later own or you choose to take action again the spell caster for fraud you will have their real information.There are a few things that you need to understand about payment methods first, then we can go into the individual scams and how they operate.I am sure to catch hail from other spell casters about this page, but its time someone stood up for the clients and that person is me.The main point to consider here is how long it took your situation to get where it is, now how long do you think it will take to undo it?Most people can say it took months to get where it is now, so in retrospect it would take at least a few weeks to straighten everything out. This is because they probably don't even perform a spell.

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Also, the test question, this will ensure that who picks it up is the same person that you spoke to or at least someone close enough that if need to find out who they are you will know.

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