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Cell and row error glyphs are displayed when the Show Cell Errors and Show Row Errors property values are Used by the control to retrieve or store row height information in the data cache.

Call the Update Row Height Info method when changing the cached row height information outside of a Row Height Info Pushed event handler to ensure that the current value is used in the display of the control.

If the key pressed is Enter, I call End Edit(), otherwise I call base. It works great, except the Cell Validating event isn't fired. Column Index = 1 Then Dim i Row As Integer = My Base.

Currently, I'm just manually calling my validation logic before I call End Edit, but it seems like I'm missing something.

When a cell is modified in any way it is automatically marked as "dirty", when you call data Grid. Validate() you are telling to to check all of the cells which have been modified! If you are saying that this is not happening correctly, or you still want to bypass this great, amazing, fantabulous feature let us know!

event, which enables the control look up values in the data cache.

You can supplement bound mode by displaying unbound columns along with the bound columns.

If you are implementing virtual mode in order to work efficiently with large amounts of data, you will also want to ensure that you are working efficiently with the Data Grid View control itself.

For more information about the efficient use of cell styles, automatic sizing, selections, and row sharing, see Best Practices for Scaling the Windows Forms Data Grid View Control.

I guess I could call On Cell Validating, but then I'd be worried I'm missing some other event. Keys) As Boolean Dim key As Keys = (key Data And Keys.

What I really want is some flavour of End Edit() that behaves just like pressing enter on the last row of a grid with adding disabled. my version is a slight different from yours, because when i move to the other cell, and my code returns e.cancel=false in the cell validating event, an error will be generated, says that: "operation did not succeed, because the program cannot commit or quit a cell value change". this is my code: Protected Overrides Function Process Dialog Key(By Val key Data As System.

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If your data is read-only, the event may be the only event you will need to handle.

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