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The details of almost 1.1 million users of Beautiful People arebeing traded on dark web.The data breach was notified to the company in the month of December in 2015 after it was detected by Chris Vickery.Compromised data: Email addresses, IP addresses, Passwords, Usernames In November 2014, the acne website suffered a data breach that exposed over 430k forum members' accounts.

Beautiful People hacked database also allegedly featured over 15 million of private messages BOY THAT’S SOME HACK!

The company previously said that the compromised data came from a “test server,” which the site quickly secured.

However, the data which now seems to be real users’ data though being hosted on a non-production server was apparently acquired by an unknown individual before the lockdown,and now being sold on dark web.

About 170 profiles were those belonging to government employees from the United States that signed up from the email addresses.

According to Troy Hunt, an Australian cyber security expert, the data has been for saleon the dark web to unknown buyers for an undisclosed price.

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A database of the website was found vulnerable in the company’s server.

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