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She said that she’d counted on fences always taking you somewhere. She’d said that about fences as if it were a joke, and she had remembered the phone number without any trouble.“I don’t think it’s anything to worry about,” she said. She asked Grant when they’d moved to this house.“Was it last year or the year before?“I expect I’m just losing my mind.”He asked if she had been taking sleeping pills.“If I am I don’t remember,” she said. ”“It was twelve years ago,” he said.“That’s shocking.”“She’s always been a bit like this,” Grant said to the doctor. Till we see the pattern of the deterioration, we really can’t say.”In a while it hardly mattered what label was put on it.She looked just like herself on this day—direct and vague as in fact she was, sweet and ironic. Grant and breakfast.”The new notes were different.Over a year ago, Grant had started noticing so many little yellow notes stuck up all over the house. Fiona had always written things down—the title of a book she’d heard mentioned on the radio or the jobs she wanted to make sure she got done that day. He found it mystifying and touching in its precision: “7 yoga. Stuck onto the kitchen drawers—Cutlery, Dish-towels, Knives.Her taking them over might have coincided with the discovery that she was not likely to have children.Something about her tubes being blocked, or twisted—Grant could not remember now.Quinn was as captivated as any fan watching that match in Salt Lake City and made good on his promise of a stogie as the Canadian men prepared to face the U. in their own date with history.“I will tell the guys to play like the girls and they’ll know what I mean,” Goyette recalled of the late Quinn’s promise.Fiona lived in her parents’ house, in the town where she and Grant went to university.

Her mother was Icelandic—a powerful woman with a froth of white hair and indignant far-left politics.They talked hockey and he promised them each one of his famous cigars if they won the final against the US.They had to kill off a number of penalties at the start, but delivered the gold in an exciting game.Recchi won Cups with three different teams, just one of 11 men to have that distinction. Jacobs and the Bruins,” he said of Boston’s 2011 win, capping his playing days.But it all began in Kamloops where many of his junior connections remain and he was given a chance to play despite his size, a chance affording him a 22-year NHL career.“I couldn’t have asked for a better ending than to win a Cup (back in B. Goyette, winner of multiple championships for Canada, told the story from the 2002 Olympics, when men’s coach Pat Quinn was sitting on a bench and spotted her and teammate Geraldine Heaney.

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