Word of mouth dating Live 24 7sex

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Word of mouth dating

We decree and declare that our pastors, bishops, apostles, prophets are men and women of integrity who seek your face, hear and speak your word, wisdom, knowledge, skill and understanding are theirs, they fear and reverence your name, the 5 fold ministry is alive in their being, they have discernment, they weep between the porch and the altar on behalf of your people, you are first in their lives, ministering and warring angels assist them in every area of their lives.

We decree and declare that President Obama heart is in your hands, he acknowledge you in all his ways, he hears your voice and does that which is right in your sight and does not compromise your word, you bless him, his family and meet all of his needs.

In verse 12, he tells Jeremiah that I will quicken my word to perform it.

Read your bible; ask the Holy Ghost for assistance and guidance as to what you need to decree in your life on behalf of your families, ministries, city, government and nation.

The word of God is life, it is quick and it is powerful.

It is truth, it corrects, it enlightens, it heals, it delivers and it brings visible results.

Read Jeremiah 1:9-19 to comprehend the principle behind speaking the word of God.

There is a word in the Word of God that holds the answers to your question.

You must understand the principle behind decreeing and declaring.

Job Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.

We have often heard and read this passage of scripture but have you meditated on the meaning of this powerful word. In biblical times, the King had the authority to make decrees.

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According to the dictionary decree is defined as a rule of law issued by a head of state i.e. The decree was a written document and would be very specific and clear about that subject matter.

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