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Definitely worthwhile for everyone." --Jordan (Pickup Podcast) It's time for a world-class plan of action designed to REWARD YOU who are unwilling to wait a single minute longer to get a grasp of the big picture regarding what "deserving what you want" and "never settling" means. It is imperative that such a strategy be bold enough and effective enough to triumphantly defeat destructive cycles and flat-out GET RESULTS as soon as possible. After the amount of research and development we've continuously immersed ourselves in around here, it's obvious that a "cookie cutter" approach to all of this won't cut it.

You've heard me say before that "painting by numbers" is not art.

After all, in the real world you represent competition to an "alpha male" for the hottest women. masculinity, confidence, inspiring confidence, and character) matters immensely. "Scot Mc Kay represents and trains today's men on getting more out of life and becoming the men they can be with women despite the challenges out there.

Using slick tactics, the "cult of personality" leads you to believe that if you would be "just like him"--idiosyncrasies and all--you'll "win". But your road map to success is not necessarily the same as that of another man...another man with different needs, concerns and history. There is a lot to learn and apply, so get in relation to the types of resources (like Scot's) that will help youget to where you want to be.

Only a personalized, customized plan of action will get the job done in your life. Face it gentlemen, guys who HAVE GAME can GAME YOU.

Some are in it to make a buck selling empty promises. The "cookie cutters" are getting rusty, gentlemen, and the "paint by numbers" plan is fading into oblivion. So does it sound like I am on a "mission from God" here? If it's good for the Blues Brothers, that's good enough for me.

"Hands down, the best collection of dating gurus and coachesgiving advice that is tailored to match any skill level or background.

As she passes, you notice her light, clean, unmistakable scent that you wish could last forever.

For starters, ask yourself why are you wanting to meet so many women? Once a man realizes the ability to attract great women, he soon realizes that a life spent merely "chasing tail" culminates in ultimately chasing one's own tail.

"I wanted to let you know that by using your help I have a date with a woman I would have always believed was far out of my league.

I used to date fives and sixes and women had all the control.

And now after a few months of listening to your programs and reading your books, I am now at a level that I approach eights, nines and tens and the whole time I am there I feel I have status over them. It's been a strange shift in thinking but results are showing." --Andrew (Portland, OR) Realistically speaking, you already know all too well that it takes a LASER FOCUS to get to where you know you want to be in life.

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"I think the words I used to myself after listening were: Fantastic, absolutely fantastic, he is right on the money! I even let it play over and over one night as I slept, as silly as that sounds, but wanted to absorb every nuance." --Joe (Omaha, NE)You're likely in a different zip code and maybe even carry a different passport than he does. I think you'll find his mindset quite refreshing compared to mainstream advice out there.

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