Is there adult chat sites for ps3

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Is there adult chat sites for ps3

: Communities is a good way of finding few decent people but its rare. Luckily I had a free month code and then a free 3 month code from buying the PS4 through GS.

I have maybe 3-4 people that I actually would play something. So i got 4 months free, which was [email protected]: Yeah i have a good Gems of War community but my others like COD, Fallout, they seem to have random spam type stuff so its hard to see the decent people.

I actually left a couple communities because they are useless.

Take first person shooters for example, you'll generally find the so called "12 yrs old", trash talker, troll, etc...

The groups are a good idea especially if you play Bloodborne. They made it feel to much like work, not to mention most of our meetings felt like Dr Phil episodes because someome was always butthurt because we didnt play with them. I put up an ad on time square in new york."looking for players, call me if you're ready to hook up for all nighters, I have a lot of stamina and I'm looking for a good time."Apparently there are a lot of people who love video games, a lot of them want to come over so apparently couch co op isn't dead after all.

Yes i feel the same i only play wit personal freinds and wanting more ive had xbone for long time srry guys ps4 was my first choice but didnt have the money back then im now a proud owner of a ps4 so if u want to add me my psn is lt_fatal had it for years wit my ps3 im 29 going on 30 so im not to lil kid :)I have the same problem too.

The Platforms that are available for customization differ by Filter Level, with Pre-K being the most restrictive and Adult being the most expansive.

Circle currently supports the following default Platforms across the various filter levels: Additionally, the Circle device watches many other platforms, but does not display them by default in the list.

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