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She’ll tell you everything you need to know about planning a badge program at your institution, including tools you need, how to work with tenured faculty, identifying a faculty champion, and mitigating internal roadblocks and overcoming marketing challenges. Niles, Founder & Chief Evangelist Target X A recent study found that 19% of all higher ed technology purchases are made outside of the central IT department—meaning that campuses are spending billion annually on unmanaged, unmeasured, and often disconnected systems.Learn the importance of implementing a single interconnection solution for recruiting, enrolling, and retaining today’s adult student, all while improving your responsiveness, multiple-medium messaging, and proactive engagement.Presented by Typhaine Morrison, Assistant Director, Integrated Marketing Dan Roelke, Senior Media Buyer/Planner Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin–Madison With so many advertising options to choose from and a limited marketing budget, justifying your choices and measuring performance is critical.These presenters will show you the most effective ways to measure ROI by going beyond traditional key performance indicators, including new ways of measuring consumer attitudes, brand performance, and the effectiveness of advertising expenditures.

It’s a lasting, invaluable institutional resource, but how do you build one? Using the Regis University post-traditional admissions team as an example, she’ll discuss how to begin building your better admissions training program, starting with identifying core positional competencies, establishing a systematic approach, and implementing five crucial keys to success.

We congratulate the following individuals for their appointment and thank them for their service: Registrants will receive a free wire-bound copy of Jeff Selingo’s 2026: The Decade Ahead.

Produced by the Chronicle of Higher Education, this book provides an eye-opening look into the future of higher education and how you can prepare for it.

Presented by Sabra Fiala, Stamats It’s a tough job to be a good recruitment marketer these days—even tougher in an environment where best practices are compromised for the sake of continual budget restrictions, limited resources, and outdated technology.

Join this lively tribute to all the die-hard marketing and communication professionals who just need to know they are not alone.

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The badges can be linked to resumes, so employers can see students’ competencies, which sets them apart from other applicants.