Dating revenge sites updating p1i

Posted by / 10-Oct-2017 10:45

The images she entrusted him to keep private were now uploaded publicly for more than 3 billion internet users to see. It takes four clicks on Facebook to upload a photo—less time than it might take someone to inhale and exhale.

Tricia Walsh Smith’s video in 2008 is a famous example.

The more places you use to extract your pound of revenge with the name of your ex, better are the chances of his or her name turning up on a Google results page (along with the morally loose details of course). This article merely seeks to highlight the ways the web is currently being used for extracting revenge on an ex.

But finally it boils down to one simple inescapable fact – you have to let go. Good or bad…revenge will unfortunately never go out of fashion.

Ex revenge pics by jilted lovers are the stuff of online voyeurs…and all of us have seen a fair share of them.

Photo upload and sharing sites like Flickr do their bit by giving you lots of descriptive tags (hate, venom, revenge, feelings, relationships etc.) to use with the photos. They achieved intended or unintended notoriety with their sex tapes.

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