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Mary kate and heath dating

Olsen has twice told Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officers that she will only give evidence about Ledger's death if they grant her immunity from any future prosecution.

Her lawyer, Michael C Miller, is refusing to grant access to his client without a guarantee of immunity that protects her "constitutional rights".

Reports suggested Olsen had refused to talk to federal investigators about Ledger's accidental overdose unless she was given immunity from prosecution.Kim, 66, a businessman from Perth, now leads a non-profit organization called Script Wise.Backed by the Ledger family, the research carried out by the organization aims to raise awareness for “the safe and appropriate use of prescription medications,” focusing specifically on “medications most susceptible to misuse such as opioid analgesics and benzodiazepines,” the Scriptwise website says.DEA officials have discovered that all the drugs found in his body were legally obtained from two physicians, with the exception of two painkillers: Oxy Contin and Vicodin.They are now "trying to identify the source," of those painkillers, to determine whether they came from a fake prescription or were illegally obtained by other means "Did they come from a dealer, from a friend? "If he had a bottle from a friend, was it taken by someone else before police responded?

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It's hard to believe it's been nine years since Heath Ledger's untimely death — and just one month after what would have been his 38th birthday, some fans are still questioning just how involved Mary-Kate Olsen was in the incident and even his life.

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