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Depending upon your individual circumstances, that risk may be acceptable or too great.

Our organization believes success can most likely be found with the combination of an informed patient and an excellent surgeon.

Improper screening, i.e., lack of accurate portrayal of individual risk and not enough attention being given to how to fix problems once they've been created.

You can't bring back your eyes and exchange them for another pair, getting your money back does not give you back you eyes before surgery and the effects are for a lifetime.

Our website contains hundreds of pages of objective factual information about refractive surgery.

We also provide a list of 50 Tough Questions For Your Doctor that will help a patient screen their potential surgeon.

Refractive surgery is not for everybody, but for the millions worldwide who no longer require glasses or contacts for daily needs, it has been very beneficial.

Glenn Hagele Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance had my lasik surgery 5/10/01 and have suffered severe dry eye ever since.

My glasses were nowhere near the bother my lased eyes are.Three years later i still suffer from severe dry eye and night blindness. I set up the i Irish support group for sufferers here in Ireland and have travelled to the USA to meet Ron Link of the has sufferers posting on a daily basis from all over the world.Please read your pre-op information and make sure you ask to have your eyes checked for any tear film abnormality or dryness. Therein you will find doctors and patients from around the world intereacting on a variety of topics regarding improper screening and the paucity of long-term solutions for those who have problems after surgery. Even with a 1% complication rate, in the US alone that adds up to over 10,000 people per year.I have spent over (US) per month, every month, for more than two years just trying to restore some health to my damaged eyes.And although my pupils were measured as relatively small and my degree of nearsightedness was considered moderate, my post-Lasik night vision problems make driving a difficult challenge (starbursts at night, like the ones depicted emanating from car headlights in the above article).

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Ensure all complication including dry eye are on the consent form. The bottom line is that this surgery - plain and simple.

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