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Internet dating service rankings

To further explore the dynamics that turn cities into talent magnets, this year the partners launched the inaugural Global Cities Talent Competitiveness Index (GCTCI).

This is a quest in which INSEAD intends to fully play its role as a provider of talent and leadership.”Bruno Lanvin, Executive Director of Global Indices at INSEAD, and co-editor of the report, commented: “Technology is changing the ways we live and work, though not always in a spectacular fashion: the emergence of a ubiquitous internet, connected objects (e.g.Education system reforms are urgently needed to provide the right technical and people skills, and the ability to adapt to change.As a multi-career reality becomes the norm, workers must boost employability by committing to life-long learning.The GTCI measures how countries grow, attract and retain talent, providing a resource for decision makers to develop strategies for boosting their talent competitiveness.The theme of this fourth edition of the GTCI is Talent and Technology: Shaping the Future of Work.

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The 2017 report explores the effects of technological change on talent competitiveness, arguing that while jobs at all levels continue to be replaced by machines, technology is also creating new opportunities.

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