1 on 1 chat with horny girls

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Heck, you should know, as you said it yourself: you lost all confidence because of small incidents. Sometimes, jokes can chip away at someone's self worth and confidence. If you are a nice person, hopefully you realize that if you hear offensive crap all day, and ONE person says something that they only mean as a joke, it's hard to tell the difference.

Sometimes, compliments may not be compliments."Hey, you look nice in that dress today! And that's exactly the reason why, joke or not, this misogynistic sexism crap needs to go.

So I queue up for comp and these guys are literally borderline bullying(cyber) this girl on our team in voice chat and it kinda made me feel bad so I reported all of them but damn, I honestly can put up with trolls and what not but what I just heard during that game was kinda embarrassing./endrant I don't deny that it's a problem, and I don't say that it doesn't happen, because it's not true, but whenever there's a girl in VC in my games, either noone mentions it at all, or everyone is super nice to her/them.Me, the extremely and unreasonably shy doormatboy, went totally quiet after trying to explain to her that the pun was said in jest and not at all intended to be a personal attack (literally a lame pun) and failing because she refused to listen to reason.I then lost all the confidence I had gained that day in an instant.She was just defending me from some unreasonable, hypersensitive, and toxic grill gamer. Just don't stoop down to their level, otherwise any lesson that could've been taught is lost.Then she attempted to make me feel comfortable by making puns that were just as bad as the one I made; it worked. I know this happens to that don't do anything to warrant such toxicity (not saying anything would ever warrant toxicity. Although it sucks all you can really do is mute/report the person.

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Chances are he would of gotten called a white knight if he tried defending her.

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