Updating the vpf and vpis

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Updating the vpf and vpis

However, attempts may be made to measure the value of a non-market good using opinion polling or market survey techniques.These “stated preference” methods are sometimes referred to as “contingent valuation” (CV) [8] .Keywords: Value of a Prevented Fatality, VPF, Relative Utility Pricing, RUP, Stated Preference, Opinion Survey 1.Introduction Frequently used by governments to set policy, economic measurements can have a great influence on the way in which we live our lives.However, the authors of that study considered the responses “aberrant”, and dismissed their survey in favour of their later one, which they based on a novel elicitation technique and which led to a VPF that was lower by a factor of between 5 and 10.That method has been shown elsewhere to be invalid, which returns the focus to the original study rejected by its authors.If there is a free market in the good, then the measurement task reduces simply to finding the price on which buyer and seller agree.

The 1999 study made extensive use of utility functions to interpret survey data, and it is this feature that is explored in this paper.The use of an incompletely specified wealth threshold in the utility modelling is explored in the light of a proposal by the authors of the 1999 study that a second utility function can be used to determine the individual's utility when his wealth lies below the threshold, which constitutes the lower limit of validity of the first utility function. The results presented in this paper raise further concerns about the lack of validity of the 1999 study on which the UK VPF is based and hence on the safety decisions that have been made in consequence.American Journal of Industrial and Business Management Vol.4 No.9(2014), Article ID:49597,32 pages DOI:10.4236/ajibm.2014.49052 Explaining Perceived Inconsistencies in “Stated Preference” Valuations of Human Life Philip Thomas, Geoff Vaughan School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, City University London, London, UK Email: [email protected] © 2014 by authors and Scientific Research Publishing Inc.The registries and cord blood banks are thus an interesting example of a pure public good with widely dispersed benefits.This paper explores the gains in survival probability that arise from increased registry and bank sizes and uses value of statistical life methods to estimate benefits and compare them to costs.

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