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Anus cam

Dry skin may cause anal itch, especially in old people and in those who frequently use hot showers or baths.

Solution is in avoiding hot showers, and using moisturizing creams like glycerine (but not petroleum jelly like Vaseline).

In October 2015, Dorothy Bland, the dean of the Frank W.

and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism and the director for the Frank W.

Lack of dietary fibers and fluid, lack of activity (physical and/or psychical), and several medications also contribute to constipation. Mild to moderate hemorrhoids resolve by their own in few days.

Over-the-counter hemorrhoidal cream can be obtained in pharmacies.

Treatment includes ointments and shampoos containing selenium sulfide, pyrithione zinc, ketoconazole, terbinafine, sodium sulfacetamide, and corticosteroids.

External hemorrhoids appear as bluish, tender, soft lump, bulging out from anal circumference.

Dashcams may provide video evidence in the event of a road accident.

During parking, some dashcams still can capture video evidence if vandalism is detected.

To ensure a reliable 24/7 parking surveillance when capacity is an issue, a motion detector may be used to record only when an approaching human/vehicle is detected, in order to save power and storage media. Thousands of videos showing automobile and aircraft crashes, close calls, and attempts at insurance fraud have been uploaded to social sharing websites such as You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Yandex, and other websites.

In the UK, sales of dash cams rocketed in 2015, which was the fastest growing consumer electronic, with sales increasing by 395%. While dashcams are gaining in popularity as a way of protection against distortion of facts, they also attract negative attitudes for privacy concerns.

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A dash cam, dashboard camera, car DVR, or car black box is an onboard camera that continuously records the view through a vehicle's windscreen.

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