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How does your view of God inform the promises you’ve made to one another? This assessment and action plan will give you the tools needed to understand how to navigate the heart of your marriage.How does the nature of God translate into and deepen the wonder of what it means to be married? Want to fight less and avoid blowups in the future? Experience the freedom of vulnerability and the joy of being understood?​Just because you’re married doesn’t necessarily mean you are on the same page about everything in your spiritual life.Topics of faith can be some of the most relationally deepening, or divisive, convictions you’ll have in your marriage.He has a calling and she has a calling-what does it look like to combine them within your marriage?

We designed this experience to be a 12-week course, but you have access to everything up front and can take your time with it or experience it in a shorter period at your own pace.

These are husbands and wives who are experts, doctors, marriage counselors and pastors whom we respect and look up to. We’re including each couples’ wisdom as a 12-video course to go along with the guidebooks Alyssa and I wrote together. The best teachers are lifelong learners, which is why we asked these 12 mentors who add almost 200 years of collective learning experience to help us speak to the most essential ways for developing a Love That Lasts.

We invited them to share their advice with us, some of which has literally changed the course of our marriage (for the best! This journey is an invitation to you-young or old, single or married, newlywed or a decade in, with or without children-to come with us and experience all the joy that God has to give through love and marriage.

We’re excited to invite you into on our personal journey to discover how to make that possible.

See you on the journey, Jeff & Alyssa with your significant other will: Bring you and your spouse together.

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Here, we’ll discover how to maintain and deepen that trust over the course of a lifetime.