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The temperature at five kilometres depth varies across the continent due to a range of geologic factors.

It is possible to identify areas of higher potential through the use of a variety of geoscience data.

Through application of geochemical, isotopic, mineralogical and geophysical data analysis, the study aims to examine the role of long-lived reactivation of crustal-scale shear zones and quantify ore-related demagnetisation/alteration along structural trends and the intersections of crustal-scale faults.

A component of the subproject will also evaluate the role of marine brines in the formation of ‘giant’ uranium deposits, following on from recent studies that suggest marine brines play a critical role in scavenging metals from source rocks and efficiently transporting ore to form large tonnage uranium deposits (e.g., Athabasca Basin deposits, Olympic Dam IOCG).

The database and the image for the current iteration are available on their website.Another product that has been released is the OZTemp database.This has been generated using temperature measurements from a variety of sources and extrapolating these to five kilometres depth.Geothermal energy is an emerging industry in Australia, with exploration being conducted in all states and the Northern Territory.While significant resources have been identified and there are several companies in advanced stages of exploration, presently there is no commercial production of geothermal energy in Australia.

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Heat flow is determined by taking the product of thermal conductivity and temperature gradient in a borehole and can be used to predict temperatures at greater depths.