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Kim kardashian dating older men

Kim Kardashian’s dating history confirms of her hooking up with a number of popular male celebrities, including rappers, record producers, models, television personalities, and professional sportsmen.And, while talking of her dating life, we can not leave out Kim’s love life with rapper Ray-J and NBA player Kris Humphries.) You simply can’t deny that after a decade’s worth of unearthing clues of her baby daddy cheating, Kourtney deserves a break to bask in the single life.

The millionaire paid a whopping 0,000 to take Kim Kardashian as his arm candy for the Vienna Opera Ball – but soon regretted his decision.So, take a look at Kim’s entire dating life in one go and figure out was it her, or was it the guys who were trying to move up the ladder by playing the wicked game called “love”?Leaving behind all that, Kim has now emerged as a strong and successful showbiz woman who prefers calling herself “Kim Kardashian West.” That’s right, Kim’s marriage to superstar rapper Kanye West made her a part of one of the most influential couples in the world.As it turns out, he isn’t her first “cub.” Here’s the tea on all of the younger men Kourtney has been romantically linked to.Pay attention and you may notice she has a very specific type.

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In 2006, while starring in an alleged sex tape of her and her ex-boyfriend Ray-J went viral.