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It is important to note that things do not have to be devices, but they can also represent a web service or any other manageable source of information and functionality.

From a user perspective, they are relevant for the setup and configuration process, but not for the operation.

As many things can be automatically discovered, there are special mechanisms available that deal with the handling of automatically discovered things.

Each thing has a status object, which helps to identify possible problems with the device or service.

Additionally, the REMOVED state is set by the binding to indicate that the removal process has been completed, i.e. The following diagram shows the allowed status transitions: The initial state of a thing is UNINITIALIZED.

Likewise, it actively sends out events for items linked to its channels. Bridges are things that need to be added to the system in order to gain access to other things.

A typical example of a bridge is an IP gateway for some non-IP based home automation system or a web service configuration with authentication information which every thing from this web service might need.

Things can have configuration properties, which can be optional or mandatory.

Such properties can be basic information like an IP address, an access token for a web service or a device specific configuration that alters its behavior.

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If you want to add cheap 433 MHz devices like PT2622 remotes, contacts, sensors or wireless outlets and don’t know the correct values, you can start open HAB in debug mode, press the buttons on the original remote or act on the sensor.

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