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The dissolved solids of ground waters can be measured in parts per thousand (ppt) and vary significantly from as fresh as rain water (0.0001 ppt) to extremely saline brine (over ppt) that seeps from the platform onto the floors of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico [18].According to Paull and Neumann [18], major brine seepage causes significant solution of limestone and is believed to be a major cause of the steep slopes at the margins of the platform.Next, we calculate the maximum possible age of the ocean on the basis of the evolutionary model, in order to show the inconsistency of that model.Last, we indicate the concordance of the data with a creation model, and offer a challenge to evolutionists and old-earth silicate minerals (especially feldspars and clays) the major part of which finds its way to rivers and enters the ocean.He obtained Geologists have suspected for more than 100 years that water seeps through the continents and issues forth on the floor of the ocean.This was not proven until recently when drilling of sediments of the continental shelves revealed fresh water moving seaward through the sedimentary layers.Global river runoff is about 10% less than global rainfall minus evaporation [19].This missing water from the continents (approximately L/yr) is believed to be the total ground water seepage from the continents.

Some of the springs have water hotter than containing significantly more total dissolved solids than seawater.concentration of the ocean is not today in "steady state" as supposed by evolutionists, but is increasing with time.The present rate of increase (about 3 x 10" kg/yr) cannot be accommodated into evolutionary models assuming cyclic or episodic removal of input and a 3-billion-year-old ocean. Gregor reaffirmed their belief recently: "If magma kept the crust built up against the ravages of erosion and the waste products accumulated in the sea, at present rates of influx the ocean basins should long ago have been choked with sediment and salt ....The salty brine has actually been sampled in locations where it issues onto the sea floor, and appears to be derived from solution of rock salt (halite) and gypsum within strata under Florida.The quantity of ground water seepage into the ocean on a global scale can be estimated from the quantity of global yearly rainfall minus global evaporation as compared to global river runoff.

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This indicates seawater alters sea-floor basalt by a complex series of metamorphic reactions.

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