Fort erie dating

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Fort erie dating

Daryl Wells Sr., the late announcer from the Fort Erie Race Track, was selected as one of the 10 inductees being given the prestigious honour.The voice of Wells became as much a part of Ontario thoroughbred racing as the track where he honed his craft.“It was a competitive process, so we’re very happy to hear that the Ministry of Transportation identified Fort Erie as one of the municipalities whose vision was closely aligned with Ontario’s Cycling Action Plan.” BIG BATTLE OVER TINY STREETLIGHTS There are exactly 3,266 streetlights spread out across hundreds of roads and parking lots in Fort Erie, but one small strip of lights on one small section of town is causing a big kerfuffle.In early 2016, road crews in Fort Erie had been replacing the older streetlight bulbs – about 100 every day – with the new, more efficient LED lights.The sunshine list is printed each year by the province and includes the salaries of any public servants who are being paid more than 0,000.

Following its launch in July 2015, the two-year program provided municipalities with an opportunity to apply for funding of up to 50 per cent for cycling infrastructure projects.

THE ODDEST ODD COUPLE A gender-swapped female version of Neil Simon’s classic play, The Odd Couple, debuted in April as the latest offering from the drama students at Fort Erie Secondary School.

With FESS drama teacher and all-round theatre buff Vince Marinaccio at the helm as director, and a mix of students from Grades 9 through 12, the play is shaping up well.

“We have the perfect cast for this play,” said Marinaccio.

“They really understand the script and they get the humour, which is important. Really great stuff.” NEW LOOK FOR PEACE BRIDGE The Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority (PBA) officially unveiled the newly expanded and renovated -million US Customs Commercial Building facility in April.

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After the uproar from some corners of town following the change, Walsh said he would try to salvage the old lights, which were only purchased five years ago, but that option was no longer on the table.