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Dating someone has attempted suicide

He said something like, “Go ahead, break up with me.

It’s just another reason for me to kill myself.” Obviously, I freaked out and started panicking. Twice, I called his house in a panic to tell his mom I was worried about him (only twice because she didn’t listen to me). It didn’t matter what happened, whether he did something wrong or I did – he always turned a fight around to make me end up feeling sorry for him. I went from a happy-go-lucky teenager to someone who was constantly stressed out and scared. It’s hard to be happy when you’re constantly with someone who is severely depressed and it’s impossible to live your own life when it becomes centered around keeping one person happy.

Im a junior in high school this year, 16 years old. So anyways, at the end of 8th grade, I was dating a boy I...

I went into case management to discuss custody of my children and received a letter in the mail saying I "wasn't very forth coming with negative information" Lately, I've been reading a lot of stories that make me wanna lift people up off the ground they can't get up from by...

It was just a regular bad fight until I threatened to break up with him – that’s when C lost it.

His voice changed completely and became very emotionless and monotone.

I see other girls go through the same thing and I just want to hug them and tell them they need to take a step back. Just remember: you can help up until a certain point and then it’s up to them.

3 years into my heroin addiction and a broken heart later, I swallowed sixty tylenol pms, and about 40 tussin 45's (prescription cold medicine). Let me clue those in who are lucky enough to "not understand" why one would like to banish one self from this vile world: I can only equate this feeling...Yesterday it was reported that 15-year-old Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, was hospitalized for attempting to commit suicide.It’s so sad and horrible to see such a young girl going through something so tough.The loss of my mom to cancer, the loss of a close friend to... I mean, I totally understand that they are trying to be supportive of people who have suicidal thoughts and those who have lost people to suicide.It's just that as someone who has attempted it, dealt with the aftermath, spent... I couldn't attempt anymore as I am afraid of failure again.

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I do not have the guts or the courage to attempt again. Once I took 8 times the lethal dose and it ****** me up for few dies but I did not die. today I just had enough I've been trying not to think about her anymore and the fact that someone told me to let go how do you tell someone to let go when I've been trying to let go for 2 years how much money do you have to show that you're trying to be strong and not commit... And when you're being abused, you don't think clearly.

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