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Hotspeeddating com

She didn’t budge, didn’t lunge for the box, didn’t say anything. Now there would be no denying it, she would know my heart was hers. I wanted her to kiss me forever and ever, right here on the playground. Why not try a blind date with a romance writing competition? My friend explained the premise and even read some passages out loud, but I didn’t feel moved to buy the book and read it for myself. Now the Big Magic needs to spread even further – I think all of you Devoted Readers should grab yourself a copy and read it for yourself. Her realistic attitude is what struck a chord with me.

Writing doesn’t have to save the world or be intellectual. I also needed to read that I shouldn’t apologize for my work. I give thanks for everything gained the previous year.

So when I was maybe about fourteen Judy Blume, my trusted beloved author-of-choice, initiated me into the complexity of young adult relationships, intimacy, contraception, teenage pregnancy and… And just as well she did because I certainly wasn’t going to be asking my folks!

Here’s a line from that old classic: “After, we lay in each other’s arms and I thought, there are so many ways to love a person.

This is how it should be – forever.” First published in 1975, by Erin Gough is another recent YA novel that delves into the trauma of first serious love with grace and beauty.

There’s a feisty protagonist called Delilah who happens to be a lesbian.

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Keeping things real – it’s fair to say that I can’t give up my day job (yet). Charmian Clift – who was an Australian novelist and journalist during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s (and I’m writing an article about her for a magazine – SNAP! I love the description of both the moral audit and the splendid intention as it captures precisely how I feel. We have been extra nice and we have tried really really Okay – so it was a Literary Speed Dating session and it wasn’t ‘hot’ in the steamy and passionate sense.