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Volcano carbon dating

Yet the USGS glibly claims that Gerlach's estimate includes both subaerial and submarine volcanoes in roughly equal amounts.Given the more than 3 million volcanoes worldwide indicated by the work of Hillier & Watts (2007), one might be prone to wonder about the statistical significance of Gerlach's seven subaerial volcanoes and three hydrothermal vent sites.Volatiles, such as CO is the second most abundantly emitted volcanic gas next to steam.

This estimate includes both subaerial and submarine volcanoes, about in equal amounts.

Amundsen Scott South Pole Station appears to be well separated by 1300 km from the volcanic lineation extending along Antarctica's Pacific Coast (From the Ross Shelf to the Antarctic Peninsula), However, Antarctic volcanoes are not nearly as well mapped as those in more populated regions, such as Japan.

In any case, the strong circumpolar winds that delay mixing will inevitably concentrate Antarctica's volcanic CO emissions over the Antarctic continent, including Amundsen Station.

Giggenbach et al., 1991), which can be cut by fracture zones that consequently provide a path to the surface (Morner & Etiope, 2002).

This may raise doubts concerning measurements taken at the La Jolla observatory, which is located near the focal point of a radial fault zone extending seaward from the San Andreas Fault (see imagery sourced to SIO, NOAA, USN, NGA, & GEBCO by Europa Technologies & Inegi, for Google Earth).

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In point of fact, the total worldwide estimate of roughly 55 Mt Cpa is by one researcher, rather than "scientists" in general.

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