Skinny minny speed dating

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She slips two fingers through the fly of his briefs.

She rubs her fingers up and down Mark's flaccid dick. I want to see you soft, and then I want to play with you and get you all hard and wet. Just slip off your shorts and briefs," Lauren teases.

"Well looks like the horny bitch is about to let us all see what the white boy here got between his legs," comments Triple B.

Lauren quickly pulls Mark's white briefs down his slender hips to his ankles.

His legs shake as she forcefully slips her hand inside the waistband of his shorts to again cop a feel of his teenage prick and ball sac, but this time through the fabric of his underwear."Then what was all that shit in front of the attendant outside," Lauren replies continuing to play with her boyfriend. Come on, Mark, I just want to see it." Mark is putty in her arms practically pudding in the palm of her hands.

"Last week, when your friends pantsed you in the library it was so hot seeing you wearing nothing but your shirt and tighty-whities.

Mark's wearing a white T-shirt, a pair of beige khaki shorts, and sandals. Boyfriend and girlfriend are having good clean fun. Lauren turns Mark to face the mirror."So let's have some real fun now.

The teen's face is unblemished by acne and his body is almost hairless below his neck. Do we have time," Lauren asks her cute twink boyfriend. There's no one around," she says with one arm wrapped around Mark's waist.

"Then we can have some real fun with the bitch boy." The men look on at the teens. Lauren's hands teasingly massages his hips, then her fingers slip into the waistband of his briefs."You did tell the guy outside you wanted a private party with me," she smiles at him in the mirror. She continues to feel up Mark's now three-inch stub.Lauren pinches Mark's cockhead and his dick slit spews out a little precum.I hear all the boys at school wear boxers, but you still wear briefs.I like how they cup your cock and balls like I'm doing right now." She squeezes his package gently and Mark moans slightly."See this," Lauren responds.

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For about ten minutes Lauren jerks off Mark, but the blond twink's cock doesn't get any harder or bigger than three and half inches.