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King Nebuchadnezzer placed Daniel (among others) in his service, and had them trained.

This section tells of the persecutions that Daniel and his friends undergo, and also of the high positions that Daniel attains.

In Matthew , Jesus is discoursing in what we tend to call the "Little Apocalypse." In it, Jesus mentions Daniel, and a quote from his book.

He refers to the "'abomination the causes desolation,' spoken of through the prophet Daniel." Here, Jesus uses the Greek dia, along with the genitive case, which always implies personal human agency (Archer, pg 284) That should strongly lead one to believe that Jesus was under the impression that the Daniel he referred to was an actual person named Daniel, not just the title of a book.

The book of Daniel is an apocalyptic of the Old Testament.” a report in the Journal of Water and Health, which makes the odd claim that holy water is “used extensively for personal drinking water.” The report finds that common bacteria that cause illness are often found in holy water, as are nitrates (chemicals used in fertilizers and commonly found in runoff from farms).ABC News says that “if ingested, water containing nitrates over the maximum contaminant level could cause serious illness, especially in infants younger than six months, which could lead to death if untreated, according to the U.If it weren't for the great details here, most people could assume that the book was written in the sixth century, and that the author got lucky with his vague allusions.But ever since the third century AD, when the neoplatonist, Poryphyry, write a work entitled Against Christians, questions have been raised about the authenticity of the work (Ferch, pg. Porphyry's contention is that the book must have been written in the second century BC, being merely historical narratives, since such long-range prophecies are impossible in his perspective of a closer systemic universe, void of any supernatural intervention. Driver's commentary on Daniel, proposing the same theory.

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In a piece that showed blissful, if not invincible, ignorance of Catholic practices in the United States and around the world, Good Morning America reported Saturday that drinking holy water from containers or water from miraculous springs can kill.