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Validating drop down list in asp c sharp

After the problem was fixed and the passengers had reboarded, the aircraft headed out again, but another warning light came one – this time during the takeoff run.

Five more times, the C-5 attempted to leave, and each time there was a glitch.

Unfortunately, the program experienced major cost growth.

In response, the C-5M program wound up being both cut in size, and cut in 2.

Worse, availability rates routinely hover near 50%.

To add insult to injury, the Russians not only built a bigger plane (the AN-124), they sold it off at the end of the Cold War to semi-private operators, turning it into a commercial success whose customer list now includes… Meanwhile, the USA still needs long-range, heavy load airlift.

As it readied for takeoff, an engine warning light appeared in the cockpit.

The new avionics systems will allow the aircraft to comply with reduced vertical separation mandates, and also provides an architecture flexible enough to meet future communications, navigation, surveillance (CNS) and air traffic management (ATM) requirements.

Work will be completed at Marietta, Ga., and is expected to be completed by September 25, 2019.

Lockheed’s C-4 Galaxy has been in service since 1970 and is one of the world’s largest transport aircraft.

When it was introduced, back in 1970, the C-5 Galaxy was the largest plane in the world.

It also has the highest operating cost of any US Air Force weapon system, owing to extremely high maintenance demands as well as poor fuel economy.

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The C-5 finally reached its destination in Europe – but more than 18 hours late.” Stories like this also help to explain why the C-5 has the highest operating cost of any Air Force weapon system.