Six minute dating

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For even further refinement, the term "third" (​ of a second) remains in some languages, for example Polish (tercja) and Turkish (salise), although most modern usage subdivides seconds by using decimals.

The symbol notation of the prime for minutes and double prime for seconds can be seen as indicating the first and second cut of the hour (similar to how the foot is the first cut of the yard or perhaps chain, with inches as the second cut).

(Bummer, we know.) Then, when it comes to sculpting those abs of your dreams, it’s not as simplistic as doing endless crunches.

5-minute warmup 20 transverse pullbacks — Without rest: 20 skater lunges 20 mountain climbers 20 Burpees 20 knee to shoulder knee-ins (alternating sides; think slow, controled mountain climbers) Side planks with 20 leg pendulums, each side 20 knee to opposite shoulder knee-ins x3, resting for a moment between sets — Because holding still in a simple forearm plank for an eternity is both boring and counterproductive, most people lose form after a minute, causing strain on their back.

This routine keeps you moving so you keep seeing results sans the back pain. 5-minute warmup 20 transverse pullbacks — Plank series* 15 forearm side plank with “thread the needle” (curl top arm under and back up to T), each side 10 pushups to straight-arm side plank Side planks with 20 leg pendulums, each side Forearm planks with 20 toe taps, each side (do all 20 with one foot then switch) Forearm plank with 20 side-to-side hip dips 20 knee-to-shoulder knee-ins 20 knee-to-opposite-shoulder knee-ins 15 forearm side plank with “thread the needle” (yes, again) Plank series (yes, again) — Stretch *Hold a plank for 10 seconds in each: forearm plank / right leg lifted / left leg lifted / right arm back to hip / left arm back to hip / right arm and left leg lifted / left arm and right leg lifted / forearm plank You don’t have to take all your core work lying down.

“Developing a six-pack requires more than just working the ‘pretty’ muscles that you can see,” Fitzgerald says.

“The deeper, transverse core muscles must be strengthened first to create a strong, solid base—without that, only doing crunches can actually make your belly stick out more.

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