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For example, the Drums track would be called “[the name of your song] Drums”, the Bass would be called “[the name of your song] Bass, etc.

Naming the base file “[the name of your song]” will help to organize the exported files by grouping them by your song’s title.

Advanced Method (yields higher quality audio): If you have a compatible host DAW, it’s best to use the Re Wire protocol to pipe the Reason tracks into the host DAW.

Un-solo the first track, and solo the second track.

Once you’ve rendered all tracks, you can select them from the Audio Files folder; I recommend copying them to a new folder for ease of transfer. Split all the instruments or sounds onto their own mixer channels. Name each channel according to the sound it’s playing back and bypass effects inserts on each channel and the master channel.

Repeat this with every track until all tracks have been rendered.

I have this issue I was hoping that maybe you guys might know something about as I've searched the internet high and low and had no luck. When I am done mixing a Pro Tools session, I like to consolidate it for my archives and store it onto Blu Ray discs.

Keep the sample rate and bit depth the same as your session. Ensure that the audio tracks are all clearly named. Highlight all the audio in the Edit Window, making sure you’ve selected from the start of the session to the end of the last piece of audio. Press and hold Option and Shift, and while pressing them, press “3” (the one above the QWERTY keyboard, not the numeric keypad). Select all the audio in all the tracks, and be sure. Select Merge Soundbites from the Audio pull-down menu.

However if I only strip silence and then just delete unused audio files and Save Copy in, I wind up with a session folder almost the same size as my original session because once I open it, I can still use the handles to pull out all the empty space I cut out with Strip Silence. Is there a way to highlight ALL clips (independently of each other) and consolidate them at once where they are as separate clips?

So if I have a track that contains 4 separate impact hits throughout the song, is there a way to consolidate each of those clips as a separate file in one swoop?

If the starting point is not important you can use the glue function to merge the audio files.

There's also the Convert Regions to Individual Audio Files, which won't glue them but make individual new copies.

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You have to make sure that your end locator is at the end of the objects otherwise it will bounce to the end of 385 bars or something like that. Base Jase Illynoise Gregg, put a little snippet of silence at the beginning of each bar, then use the text tool (the "I-beam" in the Toolbox) to click on each slice and name it appropriately for each track (or all your new regions will have the name of that first region). it only exports tracks that are not muted and i don't think it works for tdm tracks.

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